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A beautiful, somewhat less popular, and often less expensive comparison to Champagne, Prosecco is a deliciously dry sparkling wine with crisp acidity, low sugar, with plenty of fruit and character. Associated with high value at low cost, Prosecco is the perfect option in situations where you want or need a sparkling wine.

Traditionally from the Veneto (North Eastern Italy), Prosecco dons the name for a small village and is fermented almost solely from a grape called Glera. Most Prosecco is non vintage – which means it doesn’t come with a year of production on the label.

This wine is not made in the traditional method of “champagne making” with riddling, rebottling and such, which, combined with non vintage production, makes the wine more affordable than champagne. But do not worry; lb for lb (or dollar for dollar), Prosecco is often a far tastier option than the French sparkling alternative.

Traditionally served as an aperitif, Prosecco can also be enjoyed with salty cured meats, caviar, or even your favorite dessert. Prosecco is not generally considered a wine to collect. This Prosecco is bright green with golden edges and a fine, persistent bead. Fruity and slightly aromatic, it’s fresh and lively, with a lingering and harmonious finish.

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5 reviews for Handpicked Regional Selection Nv Veneto Prosecco 75cl

  1. Bill Low

    Smells beautiful. Fruity and lightly fruity and sweet. Great value.

  2. Ng Cheong

    Sweet but not overpowering. Honey and citrus notes, finally a Prosecco I like!

  3. Sanny

    Don’t think I would give it a 4 but it was a decent Prosecco, just nice and light, the acidity was crisp without being sharp which is always nice. Bubbles disappeared pretty quickly lowering the effervescence of it. Light citrus notes to it, soft melon. Short finish and nothing much in the length, it was mostly about mouth feel.

  4. Chng Yang

    Good One Good One Good One

  5. Lina Lim

    Delicious summer Prosecco, easy to drink, fruity and not too sweet..

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