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Why Should You Order and Buy Wine Online from Ebar Malaysia?

If you are searching for the best wine to buy online in Malaysia, then you have come to the right place.

Ebar offers one of the widest selections of handpicked wine brands from different parts of the world in one place.

We promise that all of our wines and other alcoholic beverages are 100% authentic and provide a hassle-free wine-shopping experience.

Buy wine online at Ebar and enjoy our monthly promotions as well as exclusive membership perks including, an extra 10% off on every order!

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Choose the Best Wine Type to Match Your Occasion Perfectly

There is always a perfect wine or sparkling wine selection regardless of the occasion, and we have it all here at Ebar.

The ideal way to honor special occasions is with high-end wine, such as vintage wine or fine red wine. The wine will taste just as exquisite as the event, for sure!

If you are celebrating something casual, you can opt for a wine that is affordable and easy to drink. Any light-bodied wine or sparkling wine will be perfect for this occasion.

While we enjoy wine regardless of the time of day, some wines taste better at certain times. A full-bodied red wine is ideal for romantic evening dates, whereas sparkling wine is great for brunch or lunch.

Food and wine pairings are essential too. Red wines are best paired with bold-flavoured meats like steak, while white wine goes well with light-flavoured meat such as chicken and fish.

Ensure the Authenticity of the Wine in Malaysia Before Buying

With the sale of counterfeit alcoholic beverages, including wine, becoming more fervent, it is important that consumers remain aware and cautious when making a purchase.

There are certain simple measures you can take to avoid any unwanted experiences before you buy wine in Malaysia.

Firstly, ensure that the seal of the wine is intact and has not been tampered with.

Then, check the authenticity code on the wine bottle or packaging, as many legitimate wineries will include a code on the label or packaging. The authenticity code is crucial to verify whether the wine you want to buy is authentic or counterfeit.

Additionally, you may verify the legitimacy and reputation of the vineyard and the vintage on the label, which needs to correspond to the vintage of the winery and the type of wine.

Apart from that, you can also look out for anything suspicious on the wine packaging, such as discrepancies, misspellings, inconsistent style and design, or mismatched labels.

Today, an app can be used to verify the authenticity of alcoholic beverages, including wine.

Simply download the V3Check app, then use it to scan the QR code on the product’s duty stamp label. The product ID, name, volume, manufacturer or importer, activation date, and status will all be displayed if the wine is genuine.

You will be alerted if the product is not authentic.

Order & Buy Wine Online from Ebar Malaysia Today At The Best Price

With a strong ground presence in the business spanning 70 years, Ebar is delighted to be one of Malaysia’s most trusted liquor suppliers in Malaysia today. We are committed to continuing our journey of providing only authentic, high-quality liquor products for your enjoyment.

As your preferred one-stop wine shop, we offer an extensive selection of wine brands for you to choose from, and regardless of the occasion, you are sure to find the best wine in Malaysia right here on Ebar.

If you order wine online from Ebar, you can also enjoy free wine delivery for purchases above RM300 in West Malaysia as well as other exclusive membership offers such as an additional 10% discount with every purchase when you become a member!

So, what are you waiting for?

Browse our wine collection to start your shopping or feel free to get in touch with us for any enquiries.

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