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Frequently Asked Questions


Is your price the same on June 2021?

We cannot guarantee the price for future date. Please check the latest price list and promotion on our website.

Does Ebar recommend type of booze and how many bottles required?

Yes. You can always refer to our customer service team by providing type of events, venue and number of pax. Our team are always there to assist.

Do I need to make minimum purchase?

 It will be great if you could order minimum six (6) bottles per purchase but we do not have minimum order policy. No worry.


Can I pay cash and purchase directly from your store?

Yes you can pay cash and purchase directly from our store, Weld Quay Whisky, Penang. Please refer to our operation hours.

Can I cancel my order after payment made?

No. But you are allowed to make changes to your order based on the value made. Please talk to our customer service

Return Policy

Can I return the booze that are not consumed in my event?

No. You can always keep it for your next event or occasion

Can I return the booze which is corked/spoilt or broken?

If this happen to you, please contact our customer service within 1(one) day after you received your order. Please reminded that Returned bottle (wines) must be not less than 1/2 full. For spirits, it’s must be unopened bottle.


How do I register as an Ebar Member?

You will be registered as a Member automatically when you make a purchase above RM 500 in a single receipt.

Is the additional 10% discount applicable for all alcoholic beverages?

Yes. However, beers will be offered at 5% OFF.

When can I start using my Membership?

3 working days after your first purchase above RM 500 in a single receipt.

How do I know if I am an Ebar Member?

Check your Membership status under Accounts.