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Ng Leet

“Fast delivery, price reasonable, will buy again.”

Ganesh Arumugam

“Great selection of whiskey and spirits. Easy to order and very responsive. Excellent delivery.”

Jake Smith

“Great selection of whiskey and spirits. Easy to order and very responsive. Excellent delivery.”

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Introducing Ebar! The latest venture of Hong Bee Group. Having served in the drinks industry for 30 years, we at Hong Bee have developed quite the taste for fine wine and liquor. Therefore, we are ecstatic to launch our very own drinks delivery website to better serve our like-minded customers.

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The Trend of Buying Liquor Online in Malaysia

With e-commerce taking over the internet, buying liquor online in Malaysia has also become a rising trend for both casual consumers and liquor aficionados alike.

Compared to buying liquor in a physical liquor shop, an online liquor store certainly provides convenience in more than one way for its customers.

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The Perks of Buying from An Online Liquor Store

One of the best things about buying from an online liquor store is that you will be treated to additional deals and discounts that are occasionally available on the online store. 

This means more savings for you!

Another upside of buying liquor online is that it is much easier to browse through and compare the many products available on the website.

As all the information about the products is shared on the online liquor store, this makes obtaining details about the products more hassle-free too, whether you are comparing prices or products. 

Besides that, unlike shopping in a physical store, you will also have access to buying liquor any time of the day as online liquor stores are open 24/7.

You won’t have to wait around until the shop opens or dash out in order to get something at the nearest liquor shop before it shuts.

Today, the best online liquor stores are known to have an extensive selection of products including handpicked liquors for you to choose from, so you are definitely bound to stumble on what you are looking for.

Finally, purchasing liquor from an online liquor store allows you to take advantage of delivery services that will bring your liquor directly to your door and spare you the trouble of visiting a physical shop.

Reasons Why You Should Order and Buy Liquor Online from Ebar Malaysia

If you are looking for the best place to buy liquor online in Malaysia, Ebar is the top choice for all your liquor shopping needs.

Ebar is currently one of the most reputable online liquor stores in Malaysia that guarantees 100% authenticity and quality of all liquor products being sold.    

An extensive collection of reasonably priced whisky brands, spirits, cognac, gin, and wine are easily available for purchase on our website.

We occasionally spoil our customers with enticing deals and bundle offers too! 

Not only that but if you register as a member, you will get to indulge in Ebar’s exclusive membership perks too, such as an additional 10% off on every purchase you make on our online liquor store.   

Choose the Liquor that Suits Your Occasion Perfectly

Sometimes, special occasions, whether they are just casual gatherings or formal events, are best celebrated with alcoholic beverages such as liquor. 

You are guaranteed to find a liquor or two on our online liquor store that will be the ideal fit for the celebration, no matter the occasion.

We offer a wide range of alcoholic beverages, including a sizable selection of whisky, gin, cognac, wine, and many others, each with its own distinct flavours and strengths to suit your liquor preference. 

So, before you buy liquor online from Ebar, it is best to note that different liquors match well with different types of food.  

For example, the flavours of a grilled steak or any red meat will pair well with the smoky richness of whisky, while the delicate taste of white wine pairs better with seafood dishes such as prawns.     

Ebar Malaysia: A Trusted Online Liquor Store That Delivers Your Favourite Beverages to Your Doorstep

With a strong ground presence in the business spanning 70 years, Ebar is delighted to be one of Malaysia’s most trusted liquor suppliers in Malaysia today. We are committed to continuing our journey of providing only authentic, high-quality liquor products for your enjoyment. 

To date, we provide over 100 renowned domestic and international alcoholic beverages in our well-established online liquor store.

Shop for your favourite liquors and other alcoholic beverages on our website to enjoy free delivery for orders above RM300 in West Malaysia.

Don’t forget to sign up as a member to enjoy exclusive membership offers such as an additional 10% discount with every purchase.

So, what are you waiting for?

Browse Ebar today to check out our extensive collection of all your favourite liquors or feel free to contact us for any enquiries.